Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Reasons for My Weight Loss Surgery

I probably should have started this blog since day one of my surgery, but my experience with this journey has been so different than my other friends who have had the surgery, that I figured I would start this mini diary in the event that it can help someone else out.

I am 34 years old and started this journey at 276 pounds. That was my starting weight two years ago. You see although I started this path two years ago, I took a year break due to a conversion at work. (Although the reality is that I think I really wasn't ready my first go around)

I finally decided that this year would be it and that I would stop tinkering with the idea and finally get it over and with so I could become a healthier me. As I ate my pre-surgery shakes of Optifast I remember the last week being miserable. Countless times I hugged my husband and would tell him I didn't care if I was fat and he would cheer me on that it was about health and that a year later I would be happy. You see the reality is that if it weren't for diabetes, sleep apnea, and really bad back problems that landed me in the hospital for a week last year, I really might have not decided to go this route. I have not always been morbidly obese although I never won a prize for being the skinniest chick in high school. All my life I have struggled with my weight. From the ages of 23-30, I maintained my weight anywhere from 200-225. However, in the past 4 years I blew up and after struggling with South Beach, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig you name it I just couldn't keep it off for longer than 3 months.

On 2/22/11 (which I now consider a lucky number), I had my surgery. I won't bore you with the details of how painful the days following the surgery were...I mean it's surgery right? What surgery isn't painful? Just shy of two weeks from having my surgery I feel a bit better each day that goes by.

My experience though has been alot different than others in which ways?
1.) Removing the drain did not hurt (either I have a high tolerance for pain or my surgeon has the utmost gentlest hands)
2.) I didn't have to take more than 2 days of nausea medication. I just didn't have that problem.
3.) Vitamins don't make me throw up...I like them.

It's now Day 13th since my surgery and I do find myself struggling with a few things. Stage 1 of the Gastric Bypass is no joke.

For one, I wish that I had realized that although you have the surgery, your desire for food is there when you smell something you love. My husband no longer eats in front of me. The other day he made the mistake of coming to the living room with a slice of pizza and I literally told him to get the hell out. I thought I was going to kill him! (Poor thing)

If I see a commercial of something I love, I start to salivate and think about how delicious it is and how I should have had that before surgery. So yes, my fatty girl mentality is still there.

Lastly, the thing that is paining me the most are the protein shakes. I HATE them. However, I know that proteins are very important for tissue repair and healing and vital so that I don't lose my hair. For two days I have fought drinking them and not getting anywhere near the 32 ounces my doctor wants me drinking. However, today I am making an effort to at least have 16 ounces.

I go see the doctor tomorrow and can't wait! By the way in the past two weeks I have lost 21 pounds. Hopefully the scale will show a little bit more weight loss. I have been pushing past the pain and walking as the doctor ordered. :)


  1. Good going Janice! You ARE very brave. I am happy for the things that are easy and will root for you for the things that are hard. It's all going to work out and you'll be glad you stuck to your plan.

    xo Catherine

  2. I second what Catherine says - you are indeed very brave for doing this, both the surgery and for sharing your journey with us. I think it's very wise to keep a journal of your experience so you won't forget what you've gone through or how far you've come.

  3. How I admire you for being so determined to improve your health and extend your young life! Years from now you'll be so glad you did this. The worst is over. Look ahead, not back, and be justly proud of your achievement!

  4. Janice, I so admire you and give you a lot of credit for what you've accomplished. You are a wonderful person, I'm glad to have gotten to know you! The additional lifestyle changes you've made- the treadmill, quitting smoking- those are hard things to do! You're doing great!

  5. You Rock Janice, I think you've made it through one of the biggest parts of this. Surgery is no joke and like you say you'll feel a little better every day. You are a beautiful person and always have been!

  6. I think it is so great that you are sharing your story! Mostly for yourself but also for others. I am so excited to follow your progress, all of the ups and downs. What you are doing is awesome!

  7. Thank you to all of you beautiful ladies. I am so happy to know each and everyone of you. Words can't express how much I appreciate your support! :)

  8. You are an amazing woman. You'll find your strength to get through the hard times, and it won't always be hard. Good for you! xoxo


  9. I applaud your efforts and know it's not easy in any way. Your determination will make you successful! Good for you for taking your health into your own hands (and mind, as we all know that's what's critical!)!