Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 13 - Phase II of Gastric Bypass Surgery

So I made it to my 2 week post op visit with my doctor. The scale said I am down an additional 6.5 pounds. I was thrilled because on the booklet they give to you pre-surgery it says that I should be losing 3 to 5 pounds.

Then came the protein shake discussion. I explained to the doctor that I just couldn't stomach them. Here's a plug for unjury. The chocolate unjury shakes taste really good. However, when you have been on chocolate optifast for a few weeks pre-surgery anything chocolate just doesn't tickle your fancy as it once did. We had a really in depth discussion on the importance of protein drinks and how they will be my life long friend. He said a year later, when I have lost all of the weight, proteins will help stabilize my weight again if I see that I start to gain a few unwanted pounds. He stressed how important it is to my weight loss. He offered different suggestions and highlighted some others for me to try.

In addition, I have moved on to Phase II. Now I get to add calcium, B12, and zinc to my daily life of vitamins and minerals. And after I drink all of my proteins, if and only if I am still hungry, hello 1/2 oz of cottage cheese, greek yogurt, or scrambled eggs.

Towards the end of my visit I had a mini breakdown and felt so embarrassed. I asked him if it was normal to salivate after a Red Lobster commercial. Not because you are hungry but because you know what something good tastes like. He smiled and said yes and that's why they make commercials. He stressed that because I am not eating all of my proteins I am feeling like this, but once I get the full amount of proteins I will feel differently. He also mentioned that not alot of patients will tell him this. I guess I am different, but if he's taking care of me then he really needs to know the truth about how I am feeling. I can't say how much I appreciate that he really does listen and want to help. Makes me feel like I am not simply his statistic.

Immediately after the visit, I dragged the hubby to the closest GNC and spent a good 20 minutes looking at various protein shakes and drinks. Close to $75.00 later I walked out with 4 different flavors of Isopure protein drinks, Amplified Wheybolic Extreme in Chocolate and Vanilla, Ultra Zinc Lozenges, Biotin Shampoo (I am not ready to go bald yet), and some Calcium Chews that I sampled at the checkout counter....caramel flavored - quite tasty!

As I sit and type this, I am happy to report that the Apple Melon if placed over ice tastes like Now and Later candy. My day is definitely looking up in the protein department and I am not feeling as sad as I have been feeling in the past few days.


  1. Yum! Caramel Calcium chews and scrambled eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner for me please!~ Rah Janice!

  2. Love calcium chews. Apple Melon sounds good. I can't do soy protein but I'll have to look at that flavor. I try to do a protein shake for breakfast to help me keep my weight stable. Haven't been doing so good lately. Maybe a new flavor would help. I only have the Vanilla I got from my Naturopath. Great to hear of your progress, load of ups and downs my girl but you're doing it!